Adding Manageable SEO Content-Things To Know

Tuesday , 25, June 2019 Comments Off on Adding Manageable SEO Content-Things To Know

Content Management Systems (CMS) are fantastic because they allow web designers and web developers to pass a project to their customers in the knowledge that the users will be able to update their own web pages. But there is a trade off. Many of the CMS solutions that are available does not produce clean xhtml and css code. I’ve even come across some CMS solutions that still create tables for non-tabular data. This adversely affects Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).So what is the solution to the CMS/SEO problem? Some web designers and web developers opt to update websites entirely themselves and do not incorporate CMS solutions into their designs. This solution is not always practical and is less cost effective to the customer in the long term (though it is more cost effective in the short term to pay for support rather than a CMS).Checkout learn more for more info.

Another solution is to provide a decent CMS which doesn’t produce clean enough code and let the developer clean up the user’s code afterwards.Another solution is to find a CMS that does support xhtml and css. The problem with CMS solutions that support the latest technologies is that, in practice, they are usually more complex in design because xhtml is stricter than deprecated versions of html.The latter solution is more complex in design, more difficult to setup and, unless time is taken to modify it, is more difficult to use for the end user. Afterall, adding all of the extra detail that is required for SEO requires more fields to be inputted in the CMS.